Saturday, 25 April 2015

5 important tips for secure cloud computing

     If you are wary about adopting cloud computing because of security reasons, then you are not alone. Data security is indeed a point of concern - perhaps because your data is secured offsite, and so many other people use cloud for storing their data.

It would therefore be beneficial to take into consideration the following tips to minimize any threats to your data security.

Tip 1 - Know exactly where your data is. You can use all sorts of firewalls and various anti-intrusion and loss prevention software, but to be able to tell exactly where, and on what particular machine your data goes will do you good. Are you able to pinpoint exactly where your data is, if ever you think of terminating your cloud services? Or where are your precious files going in case your cloud provider goes out of business? It is like sending off your child in an international airport without knowing exactly where she's going - you'll never know where to find her! It is a wise move to know exactly where your data lives.

Tip 2 - Always backup your data. Okay, we know that this kind of beats the initial purpose why you even decided to use cloud computing, but, as with your list on contacts on your mobile phone - it is always a wise move to keep a copy of it somewhere, in case something goes awry. Backing up data is an overlooked aspect of cloud computing, but is the easiest way to actually increase your control of your data. You know that when you have a backup file, you can sleep better at night, and have peace of mind. Sadly, some huge corporations make this very common mistake, thus causing them extreme problems resulting to multiple mini-problems. Better be prudent than sorry!

Tip 3 - Look into the security measures undertaken by your data centre. Make sure they adhere to all safety and recovery standards. After knowing exactly what data centre your files are stored at, probe them for all the security measures that they are utilizing. Firewalls, antivirus and intrusion detection measures are offered by reputable cloud providers. And please - look into the reputation of the cloud provider you will choose. Sure, there will be those which will offer lower costs, but sometimes, there are very good reasons why some cloud providers charge more - you pay for services that take better care of your data. Recognize that additional security entails additional expense - and you may really be getting your money's worth.

Tip 4 - Get referrals from other clients. Ask around other successful business owners about which cloud provider they use. Or you could ask a particular cloud provider for client references. Financial institutions, healthcare providers, insurance companies and government organizations are good previous clients. These institutions put a premium on their stored data, and are in constant need to refer back to stored data for their services. Although these former clients do not guarantee that anything untoward will happen to your data, if will still be a wise move to contact these past clients and ask if they were indeed satisfied with the cloud provider's services. If they will disclose it, ask them also what steps they took to further ensure that their own data remain secure.

Tip 5 - Test. Assume nothing. Just because some cloud provider told you that they have installed all sorts of security measures means that they did. Hire an "ethical hacker" to indeed test if he could infiltrate the so-claimed security measures. Breathe better when he fails to do so - that means your data is indeed safe. But if your ethical hacker was able to enter into your data - assume then that if he was able to do so, then any other "good" hacker can do it to. At this point, it's time to change cloud providers.

As with anything in life, it pays to be careful and prudent. Like they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Exercise care and be able to sleep better at night.Article Source:  Women In Business helps women business owners generate more leads, clients and increase profits with more networking, business insights, tips and tricks on marketing, growth, business and accountability strategies. We invite you to get your free social media tactics ebook when you visit 


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