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CakePHP:Making PHP A Piece Of Cake....!!!!

The PHP programming through the years have become a fan-favorite among the web developers across the world. Maturity of PHP as a scripting language has helped it to branch out as frameworks which have become popular in our generation. Be it the Zend, the Code Igniter, the Laravel, Symfony, Fuel or the Bootstrap, each of these frameworks has been helpful for the website developers, one way or the other. CakePHP belongs to the same gamut of PHP frameworks. This framework has become one of the most likable frameworks for the users.

The CakePHP has several traits attached to its name. To start off about CakePHP, it is an absolutely free, rapid development framework under the broad head of PHP. PHP developers considers this framework as the basis of web applications which are compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.
CakePHP has a number of benefits which help the PHP website developers to come up with astonishing web-based solutions. Few of those benefits are furnished to the readers through the following lines:
By far CakePHP can be considered being one of the PHP frameworks which are quite easy to learn. With a built-in authorization, handling sessions and security becomes a cakewalk for it.
When it comes to website development or web application development, developers face a common dilemma called the code repentance. CakePHP helps in cutting back this predicament.
It can be considered being one of the brilliant file managers available at the moment which help the user with not only managing the content and themes but, it also has varying customizing fields as well as templates in its inventory. Adding to its advantages these templates are extremely flexible and can be applied at a very rapid rate.
The framework has been developed under the MIT license, giving it the advantage of becoming free. The biggest advantage of using the CakePHP is that it works for any web directories and that too without the Apache configuration.
The framework has its own share of user management features which give even the novice of the PHP programmers to tweak and tune the framework exactly the way he wants.
The tools exclusively meant for the CakePHP are quite easy to install and users don't face any kind of hassles while operating it.
The framework can specifically be used to develop e-commerce websites as well as blog sites.
If you delve into the subject of CakePHP deeper and get on with the technical aspect of it, there are more things to be discussed about the framework which meets the eye. These benefits have been discussed briefly through the following lines of the article:
Seven technical advantages, which makes CakePHP more appealing
The MVC Advantage
CakePHP is one of the prominent MVC driven frameworks in the gamut of available PHP frameworks. The MVC pattern helps in with the separation of the logic from the presentation. This trait becomes very useful for development of large applications and big websites. The M of MVC stands for Model support data handling which can help the user with the updating, deleting or reading the data from the database. The V of MVC stands for the View Support Data rendering on the screen. C stands for Controller which helps in responding to the events as well as modification of the data before it can have interaction with the model.
Inheritance of the Proper Class
The CakePHP comes armed with two specific folders. The first folder is called the core lib/cake/ which is specifically meant for the users for watching. The users should not be manipulating any of the files in the folder. They can only manipulate the second folder which comes with /app/ name. Based on the sensible inheritance of the CakePHP, the /app/ folder can easily be manipulated with some extra logic. In this folder the user can define the core function in a specific way. The users also possesses the ability to change by tweaking and tuning the models which extends the AppModel. These separate classes help the user to change the way he wishes to.
The ideal extensions for components, helpers, behaviors and Plug-ins
The framework helps in the creation of reusable codes which can be used in more than one case. CakePHP can place special functions in components, helpers, behaviors as well as the Plug-ins.  This acts as a big advantage for the users, as most of the plug-in helpers and the components are available online. Nothing has to be written from the scratch.
No need for Configuration
Configuring is a word, which is never synonymous with CakePHP. The programmer doesn't have to specify the location of the library or the URL of the site. The framework can auto-detect everything and adapt itself to the system automatically. The user only has to tweak the Data-Base Connection settings and the Cake is ready cook.
Validating Cake Style
CakePHP is that framework where the user would be able to attach multiple advanced validation rules and that to a single field. The process of validation becomes a piece of cake with the framework.
CRUD scaffolding
The CRUD is an acronym standing for Create, Read, Update and Delete.  When it comes to any of the web applications, these four letters come into play in all cases. One is able  to see the introductory stage of the application just by writing a single line of the code. The script is very easy to produce through all models, controller and views which further helps in the modification, which is made according to the specific need of the application.
Cake Testing
The framework gives the users the opportunity to test the critical points of any particular applications. There are core-tests but, user are also given with the ability to build custom tests for the parts of the applications which has to be tested with extreme precautions.
These are only a few of the advantages which are being discussed through this article. If you are a PHP programmer and if you are planning to make a heavy web-based application, then the only way to make the process a cakewalk is through Cake PHP.

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