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How To Select An Acupressure Pillow....????

 Over the past several years, acupressure pillows (also called acupressure cushions) are getting to be an popular device to self-treat a complete series of ailments, which range from neck pain to tension-type headaches.

What Is Acupressure?

Acupressure (to not be confused with acupuncture) can be a non-invasive, healing technique depending on the application of physical pressure on specific points along the body. An acupressure pillow allows its users to harness the beneficial properties of acupressure, effectively and inexpensively, in the comfort of their very own home. Resting one?s at once it just for 25-30 minutes, in reality, boosts peripheral blood and lymph circulation and encourages our bodies to release endorphins and oxytocin, thereby relieving pain, muscle tension and stress.

It is perfect for this reason why acupressure pillows are becoming increasingly popular lately. Such popularity, however, has triggered a huge proliferation of brands and models, which could engender a lot of confusion. One has only to perform a basic look on the web to get deluged using a multitude of products (some good, some less so) that could all look a similar to the untrained eye.

How does one then select an acupressure pillow? How do you separate the wheat from the chaff and make sure you choose exactly the best ones? Well, in summary, the secrets is to look closer also to look inside.

Look Closer

Acupressure pillows are substantially less space-consuming than ordinary bed pillows and they are characterized by the ?spiky? plastic discs (popularly known as ?flowers? or ?florets?) that cover one its sides. Such discs contain a series of tips whose number really should not be lower than 30 or higher than 40. In the former case, acupressure may result too uncomfortable whereas within the latter, it could be too "bland" and, consequently, ineffective. In fact, the best number of tips in each disc should range between 31 and 36. Also, such tips ought not conjure up esoteric symbols or images, but should basically be pyramid-shaped.

Look Inside

Avoid pillows made of cheap foam rubber, which harms both your neck and also the environment. Opt, instead, for pillows made of natural materials such as spelt chaff. Unlike foam rubber, in fact, spelt chaff is breathable, won't allow sweat and dust to accumulate, won't attract mites and is also fully recyclable, causing minimal environmental impact. More importantly, pillows made from spelt chaff have the ability to rapidly adjust for the shape of the person's neck, increasing the pressure of the tips about the sore area and making acupressure more uniform and balanced.

Heat Therapy

Many users want to warm up their acupressure pillow (in a microwave or conventional oven) before deploying it in order to take advantage of the benefits of heat therapy along with those of acupressure. Heat therapy (also referred to as thermotherapy) has been employed to relieve neck pain because it dilates the blood vessels from the neck muscles, improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients towards them. Moreover, heat stimulates the sensory receptors within the skin, which decreases the transmission of pain signals for the brain and partially relieves discomfort. Due to its high content of silicic acid, spelt chaff is ideally suited to heat therapy treatments as, once warmed up, it releases its beneficial heat more slowly and gradually.

By following these simple criteria, you'll be able to avoid the countless shoddy models which may have flooded the market in recent years and select instead merely the best acupressure pillows.

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